Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Tale of the White Whale

Call me Ishmael, I have slayed the white whale. Well slayed is strong word. I have returned the RV. After two days of driving this pig my back was killing me. I took it back and got a Toyota Land cruiser, 4wd Turbo Diesel. This is a much better choice. The draw back is I can't sleep in it but that RV was just not going to cut it. The RV did drive better after I made an air pressure adjustment, I had it dialed in yesterday driving mountain passes and long valleys. If the seat did not kill my back so much I would have keep it. I had learned how to drive it yesterday, the four wheel drift was quite fun on some of the back roads, the heal toe work was a bit tricky.

I spent the morning in The Bay of Islands, then traveled north and west up to Ninety Mile Beach on the west coast. It was cool to start my day on the Pacific Coast and drive a few hours to the Tasman Sea on the West Coast. I then headed south and drove though the mountains and returned to Auckland for the night.

I dropped the RV of this morning and picked up the Toyota. It is raining today so I am going to make my way back to Coromadel Town for a few days to hang with Jennifer and her husband drinking and eating.

I will give a better description of the places I went too yesterday in a day or too. I don't have my maps handy right now and the town names are hard to remember.

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