Monday, December 12, 2005

O.K. I'm a Slacker, I know, I know...

It has been awhile since I have posted but I have good reason. I moved to Savannah, GA. Just after Thanksgiving I left New Jersey and spent about 18 hours in Richmond (sorry Mom) then Savannah the next day. I spent the first 4 days with my friends Jacob and Char before moving into my new bat cave. The place is great, I am south of the city by about 5 minutes in an old neighborhood of houses from the 30's. I am in a converted 1 story carriage house, about 600 sq feet with a small full bath, small kitchen, big den and big bedroom with a nice size closet. I will post some photos when I get everything setup. I got a great deal and it came well furnished. I am the center of the town, as I am 15 min from anywhere from my place. I must say it is nice to have a place of my own again, with the kicker being this place is 6 times the size of "the cabin", man I miss camp.

I did get around to sending out my "holiday" card so I have been busy. If you don't get one this year, all I can say is sorry, I did a very limited run this year . You may laugh now but if you could see the future you would see a descendent of yours on "Antiques Roadshow 2106" being told that if you only had the 2005 card for your highly collective "Sean Allocca Holiday Cards" collection it would be worth twice the estimate of 100 million pesos (yes pesos, don't ask me how but somehow the Mexican peso is the dominate currency in 2106, of course it may be the fact the most of Mexico had moved to the US by 2050 and was backfilled from China but they keep the currency because the Chinese figured out it was the cheapest way to do things but I digress) What I am saying is if you get one hang on to it, your great grand kids will thank you.

So what is next for me? What am I planning on? I know you are all dying to know but the simple truth is I am going to continue to pick up side work when I can and see what happens. It is still very early in what appears to be a 6 month location for me.

Oh yeah, for those of you who may have had a "sean" moment and forgot I turned 38 today don't worry at all about it. I have forgotten more people's birthdays than I can remember which is why I don't worry about it. That is the advantage of getting older, you can't remember what you forget so are you sure you forgot anything? I think not.