Saturday, January 15, 2005

Greetings From New Zealand

It is now 8:30 am Sat. (2:30 pm fri on the east coast) in Auckland. After traveling for the last 20 odd hours it is nice to be here. The weather is warm, about 65 f, overcast and I have on my shorts and flip flops. Today is a rest day for me but I was able to get some sleep on the flight so I am not tired right now, that may change this afternoon as the time catches up with me. I am most likely going to rent a car for the day and go explorer the city. I had planned on sleeping most of the day so I have no real plans. So far everything has gone as planned with the travel plans. I will pick up the RV tomorrow and start my trip up to the Northlands for 2 days. I am not sure if I will be able to upload photos to this site but I will try as I go along. I have left my laptop at home and I am at the mercy of internet cafes for updates, which may or may not let me copy photos from my camera to their computers for uploads but I will try.

For those who need to get in touch with me should do so via e-mail. My Verizon cell phone does work down here at a cost of .75 per min. So if you must call please make the message short and to the point. The time difference is easy to figure out. From Eastern time subtract 6 hours but add a day. I.E. 3pm Friday eastern is 9am Saturday for me.

That's about all for now. I will be sending out postcards to those who have asked over the next few days, but don't hold me to that. The are going to be short and sweet.

If anyone has friends in NZ who would like a visit contact them and then let me know if they are on my way. I would always love to get the skinny from a local. This goes for NZ and OZ (Australia) Singapore and London.

Bye for now. Sean

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