Friday, June 18, 2004

The website is OFFLINE. This Sucks

Change your bookmarks to update the change of address.

DON'T Check it out until further notice.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Web Site update

I am currently working on setting up my web server.
So if you try and go there now it may not show up as available or you might see a strange looking home page.

Features I plan on adding to the server include:
A forum board for posting on different topics. i.e. Places I should go, Post Card requests etc.

A chat room for on-line chats with other fans of Sean.

I may change the style and my software version of the Blog for better content.

I will be able to give people email address (both POP and Webmail)
that ends in - Think of the possibilities ;-)
I need a few beta testers send me an email with the subject "Mail Account Request" to sean at (replace at with @)

A mailing list for updates for those who would like to find out I have just added a new post.
Available NOW send me an email with the subject "Mailing List Request" to sean at (replace at with @)

An easy to navigate photo gallery.

Travel Plan Update

I am trying hard to get things in the house wrapped up and stored. I have turned over the rental process over to a management firm and I hope to have it rented in the next 2 weeks. I plan on having the house ready for some touch up paint work and cleaning on Monday or Tuesday, then I will hit the road the next day.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Sean on TV - tells the world about his trip - UPDATED

Hosed again - not Thursday's show, I hope it's Friday

The show I am on is going to be Thursday (I think, not positive), they where taping two show yesterday and I didn't know that until I started to watch the episode tonight.

For those of you who watch "The Screen Savers" on g4techtv (channel 354 on directv - check local listings). I have a question answered on the show. I was hoping to do a video chat but we could not make it work so I just did the voice call.

For those of you who don't watch the show it comes on every night at 7pm on g4TechTV or just TechTV (new merger). The show I am on will be on Wednesday the 16th at 7pm and replayed Thursday at 12 noon. My segment comes on 20 min. into the show for those who don't want to watch the whole thing.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The Web Site!!!!

Things are starting to come together now.
I have the web site and server setup, in just a few days you will be able to check it out. Link should work by thursday.

Right now all it will do is redirect you to this site. In the future I will have a Chat room setup and Forums (aka bulletin boards) and I hope to have a photo section that you can easily view photos from the road.

ok, getting tired, afaid of speeling erroors and emails from my aunt.

First Audio Entry

this is an audio post - click to play

Hello and welcome to all who replied to my e-mail

Thanks again for taking an interest in my trip.

Also I have updated my signature.

"Life is what happens when you quit your job." Sean Allocca
amendment submitted by Frank Allocca
"And your dad still works!!!"

I have checked this one for spelling and grammtical errors, thanks to those who noticed.

I have also started to formulate an basic trip outline that I will post in the next few days.
It will mainly cover places and things I plan on seeing and the most likely time of year. I will also have the comments stuff sorted out so everyone can comment on the plan and to make other suggestions.

I am also checking into the whole picture phone posting issue, I plan on taking care of this before I start but the magic 8 ball says "ask again later".

I am also setting up a complete website for my photos I take on the road. The blog may move to this new site so check back often.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Every great journey begins with a single step...

or in my case with a full tank of gas.

Q: So what am I doing?
A: Spending at least the next year driving all over the US and Canada with the chance of going to New Zealand.

Q: Why am I doing this?
A: The quick answer is why not, but the real reasons are; I have the time, money and desire to do this. Well the money thing will sort it self out. So two out of three are good enough reasons for me.

Q: When do I start?
A: My official launch date is July 1, but it may happen before that.

Q: Where do I plan to go?
A: The first stop is New Haven, VT after that, well, I just don't know. That is to far ahead to plan. I find planning for the future is to hard, I let the past take care of things for me. Most people don't live in the present so I don't think they notice.

Q: What will I be driving?
A: That is a question I am unable to answer, if you are patient we will both find out together.

Q: Who do I plan on seeing?
A: Friends and family who are willing to put up with me and willing to put me up for a day or until they kick me out.

Q: Are there specific places I plan on visiting?
A: Yes and I will get into that later.

Q: Will I let people post comments and questions?
A: Yes, but not at first. I need to get the hang of the whole blog thing first.

more to come,