Thursday, January 20, 2005

I didn't make it as far as I had hoped yesterday.

The drive down from Coromandel was nice but the weather was not the best. It was cloudy all day with spots of showers. So instead of driving to Lake Taupo I deceided to stop in the lake Rotorua area for the night. I didn't do much last night, for some reason I was very tired by the time I checked in. This was another reason for not going to Taupo. I have looked at the map and Taupo is only about 90k away so I will check out the town this morning and get on the road this afternoon for Taupo.

Keep those e-mails coming. I always enjoy hearing from everyone. It is always a nice surprise to login and find some e-mail from home.

I will update if I can this evening.

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