Friday, January 26, 2007

1 Man, 1 Big Pile of Sticks, 1 Lighter

1 Man, 1 Big Pile of Sticks, 1 Lighter
Photo Credit - Jacob Dimond 2007

12/31/05 Just Arrived In The Mail

Let me say thanks to Jake first. Dude it is so cool to have this show on film, I am cranking it now (Travlin' Light). This explains why I am posting a bunch of stuff, I am way to tired to spin in the living room so I am motivated to write tonight.

So I now have a copy of the my first Widespread Panic show, New Years Eve 05/06 on DVD. The show started at 9:15 pm and they played 3 sets and finished at 2:15 am. I danced my ass off that night and it is in my top 5 days ever. If they ever have a HD version you should be able to see me if you squint. There is something about 20,000 people all hippie dancing that creates a great vibe in the room. Go to a show if you haven't, you will be entertained.

I Have One Word For You - BUTTER

"Butter?" you say.
Yes, butter and let me tell you why. It is currently 1 degree outside with an indoor humidity of 19% will give anyone dry lips. Since I don't have any lip balm handy, that's when butter came to mind and it is by far the best tasting balm I have ever used and it works great on my lips, double bonus.