Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Notes From the Field

I have finished outlining the movie. I have every key scene set with only the base dialogue for each scene but it is enough to build on. My next step is to finish the dialogue for these key scene's. Once the tone and emotion has been set I can then write up the montages for the movie. Most of these will be longer scene's that get cut down but they are the next step. I hope to have the first draft done by the end of September. I am finding the ideas come at a faster rate the more I dig into the characters. This is what drives the dialogue, backstory. I just want it said here that this movie is going to be great, I am so going to bag Nicole Kidman once this is done.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Camp Fireworks

Camp Fireworks

Housing Update

I am going to be staying in the Old Forge area as my base until the end of September. Looking at the amount of archive work I have, I will be busy (that term is very relative in my case) durning the days scanning prints and slides. The great thing is, at night my muse comes to visit me with ideas for the movie. Sometimes she comes in differnt forms, brick form, haze form and sometimes hydro form. Ah my muse, how I love thee and all you bring. I am enjoying the peace and quite of the mountains, it is so nice this time of year with highs in low 70's and lows at night around 50. Plus free rent and board. I love it when a plan comes toghter. 

Movie Update

So I was visited by the muse last night and was able to completely outline the first act. I have every scene planned and mapped out. I was also able to bring many of the ideas for the movie into focus. I have my base 6 characters and some very funny bit parts for others, "Dick and Fart" jokes mostly :-)

Hi Jacob

Just wanted to give you the shout out for being the most consistant follower of my rantings. The Panic shows will be upon us before we know it. Do you want to get tix for the Chucktown and Macon Shows, they are on a Sat and Fri night shows, get a sitter and the three of us can chill. Now get back to work!

The Movie - In Card Form

The Movie - In Card Form

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

OK - So Where Have I Been?

I was going to the beach right after camp but due to the stupidity of others kept me from going. So I have decided to stay at camp and hang here for awhile. I am currently working on a project to scan and archive about 2000 old B/W photos and some 3000 Color Slides. This should keep me busy for some time. The great advantages for me are the free rent and food plus I am getting tons done on the movie. Yes for those of you who don't know I am writing the great summer camp movie. I have about 75 index cards with ideas already done. I believe I have enough to start outlining, which I started late last night. I will put all the ideas together and see just how much I have. I plan on having enough stuff for a 2 hour movie but would cut it down to 90 minutes. I have been choosing different songs I would like to use in the movie, most of them are classic 80's tunes, a good soundtrack can make or break a movie. I will keep you updated as I get the time.