Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Need The Cone of Silence

This comes out on June 20th. I can't wait.
Click the picture to watch the trailer.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Just Dig This Song

Quite by accident I came across the TV show jPod, which is based on the book by the same name, written by Douglas Coupland. I am a big fan of his but felt that jPod was just an updated version of his earlier work Microserfs, which I enjoyed more. The TV show, which is on CBC (It's Canadian Eh) has turned out to be pretty good. Now you may ask, "How are you watching Canadian TV in Slovakia?" Simple, the Pirate Bay and Bitorrent. Which brings me to this song, it is the theme music to the show and there is just something about it that I dig. I can't put my finger on exactly what makes me dig it, I just do. Give it a listen.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Yes I Am Still On Cloud 9

The only thing that stinks for me was I was unable to get any kind of post game wrap up shows on ESPN and such to hear how all the commentators who picked New England backed out of the pick and said they were wrong. I also wish all the Slovak people about the Super Bowl all look at me with blank stares.

After the game I stayed in Bratislava for a few days and drove back to Hybe (pronounced hee bay) and spent the last 4 days there. The weather was warm, by Hybe locals. Daytime temp was just above freezing to low 40's with sunny days. If it wasn't windy outside it was fine. The view of the mountains were very clear the last 2 days. I would go out for a smoke just to look at the mountains. From Kate's back yard you can see the whole range of the High Tatras. Above the tree line is just a pristine blanket of white. The potential for heli sking here is great.

It's hard for me to believe its been 5 months. I an really have a good time, everyday seems to bring something new. I am seeing things from a whole new perspective that only coming to a foreign country, It helps put America into sharper focus.

I don't have any big plans for the next week, other than Valentines Day. (Don't Forget Guys)

I will keep you updated.

Monday, February 04, 2008



Sunday, February 03, 2008

My Superbowl Post

So at least we won the coin toss.

I am able to watch the game, it is on two cable channels here. The feed is from the NFL Network, it is what is called a wild feed, which means when you see a commercial i just get a wide angle view of the field from high up in the seats. You can hear the commentators talk with each other because they are in a commercial break. I will see the best commercials on YouTube tomorrow.

I plan on update this as the game goes alone.

Right now under 8 min to go in the first and the Giants are driving inside the Red Zone!!!

Update: Giants Kick Field Goal
3 points is better than no points. I will enjoy having the lead for as long as it lasts.

Update: End of the 1st Qtr.
The Patriots are on the one and I would be shocked if they didn't score. So the lead didn't last.

Update: Patriots Score. :-(
Score 7-3

Update: Great Catch Ammani - 14 min left 2nd Qtr.
Giants are back in the Red Zone

Update: Interception - That sucks!

Update: Big Blue D Holds the Pats to 3 and out. And a good punt return. I still have hope, not much but sometimes a little hope is all you need.

Update: So they hold us to 3 and out. But good Punt

Update: Giants Defense Sack's Brady in back to back plays. The Defense will keep us in this game!

Update: Halftime and it's still Patriots 7 - Giants 3. The defense is keeping us in this game. Keep it up Big Blue D

Update: 11:00 left in the 3rd Defense holds the Patriots. My Mantra is "The Defense Will Keep Us In This Game."

Update: Pats call a challenge on 12 men on the field. If so then first down Pats, which would be bad.

Update: Pats get the call first and ten Pats. Go defense!

Update: Big Blue Big D holds the Pats on 4th down. Giants take over on the 30.

Update: Why can't the Offense get it together, at least the punt pinned them on the 10. Step it up Defense. less than 4 min left in the 3rd.

Update: End of the 3rd Qtr. and it's still 7-3. The Defense is stepping it up and keeping hope alive.

Update: GIANTS SCORRRRRRRRREEE 7 to 10 Giants!! Lets go Big Blue!!!

Update: 9:20 to go in the 4th and the Defense forced a punt. Let's go Offense and put some more points on the board.

Update: 5 min left and the Pats are driving, I am scared. Very scared.

Update: 3:12 to go and the Pats are 1st and goal on the 7. I think this game is over.

Update: It's looks like it's over. Pats take the lead 14-10 with 2:45 left in the game. I just don't see it happening for the Giants. The Defense played great today but it looks like they couldn't hold them one last time.

Update: Holy %$#@ We may just win this thing!!! Giants lead by 3 with 35 seconds left.