Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Spring Tour is about to begin

It starts on Wednesday as I drive to Clem's in NH for the night. We leave for St. Paddy's Day in Savannah (14Th year) early Thursday morning. We meet up with Jake and Bumpas for the weekend before flying back to NH. I then have a couple of weeks to work in the shop making cabinets with my step brother Ben, I still have all 10 fingers and plan to keep it that way. Then I am starting my Widespread Panic spring tour starting Sunday April 1st in Albany, will be in NJ on Monday to stay with my brother Tim. I then head to the show in Richmond Tuesday night. I am leaving for D.C. on Thursday to visit my friend Kelly, we are going to shows Friday and Saturday night. I am looking into going to the shows in Raleigh on the 20Th and 21st then the 3 shows in Athens before heading back towards camp. I should be at camp by June 10Th at the latest. After camp is over this summer I am 80% sure I am going back to New Zealand for 6 months starting mid September. Keep in mind I know what I am doing today, I have a pretty good idea about tomorrow after that I am never sure.

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So how often do I post, who knows, I can post a few in a week or month or none for a month. Trust me less is more from me. Still single and no kids, as it should be. Sean's Spring Tour starts very soon. The rest you can figure out on your own.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Why "Man Made" Global Warming is all Hype

What ever you think about Global Warming you need to watch this from BBC4. It is a hour and 15 minutes but if you watched Al Gore you should give this as much attention. The effects on Africa are the hidden dangers of buying into the hype.