Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Months and months with nothing, sorry

What can I say, I am lazy. Plus my life has settled down and I haven't done as much traveling lately. Well that's not exactly true but I need some excuse for not posting anything since my Paris trip. Since then I have been to America, Amsterdam and a small village in the UK called Lacock.

I have ended up in London for longer than I had planned on, three months will turn into eight before I return to Slovakia in late May - early June. I have been promised that electricity will be run to the cabin by the end of June or it should begin before then. I will not hold my breath.

I am now back in the states for a few weeks visiting friends and family in NJ, VA and GA. It was great to hang out with my friends down in Savannah and seeing their kids. I will now spend a few days in in VA before heading back north to NJ to stay with my dad for a few days before my flight back to London on the 23rd.

If I get a chance a will post some photos from the Amsterdam trip in late January and some from my trip in America.

Until then, thanks to my regular readers and I really am sorry for taking so long between posts. I hope as the summer picks up and construction of the cabin continues I will update you all more.