Monday, January 24, 2005

New kind of post card request

If you would like to have a postcard sent to someone on your behalf just donate 4.00 and let me know what kind of postcard to send and what you would like written on it. For those who have requested I send cards, you should start to see them show up soon. I will continue to send cards to those who respond to them with an e-mail. The 4 bucks covers my cost of 80cents to 1 buck per card then 1.50 for postage the rest is just for the cost of pens walking to the post and such.

I have started a long description of the last few days. I am working on it in chunks. I lost about 20 mins. of work because of an issue with saving so I have put on hold for the night. I will update it in the morning. Check back around 4pm EST for at least some of it.

I miss everyone and want to thank those who take the time to keep on eye on me. Also most have figured out that spelling is not my strong suit, so if you see something I have buggered up let me know. Your thinking, whats with the buggered? Has he picked up the lingo already? You better believe it mate.

PS. Betsy if I find out you straped on skis I am going to pummel the %#*^ out of Tad Hamilton for letting you. You hear me Tad, thats right I'm typing at you mister. Watch your step or you may just find doctored photos of you appearing on the net. Stay off the snowboard also. Get some brady and make a fire and chill out and watch movies and eat.

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