Friday, November 20, 2009

New Neural Net Upload

Sometimes it takes just a tiny spark to light a fire.
My friend Zuzka Bakova provided the spark today, thanks Zuzka, I needed it.

Today marks the third day in a row that this bright yellow thing, I think is called the Sun, has replaced the normal solid grey that covers the sky. It has made a big difference in my mood. This is my third Fall in Slovakia and I now see a pattern emerging, things are nice until about the middle of October then the Sun goes on vacation for a month or two. Now it has returned but since it his busy season in the southern hemisphere he doesn't get as many chances to visit us here in Central Europe. I am also noticing a correlation between the taste of Vodka and the amount of sunlight, the less sunlight the better it tastes, further research is needed and is underway.

I would like to say I have so much to write about since my last post, I would like to but I can't. Not because I don't want to upset anyone or I am hiding something but really it is because not much has gone on in the last few weeks. I have gotten into a routine and it is boring. But boring in the sense of it is not interesting to write about, I don't find my life boring, while it is not super exciting it is fine for me.

So I will write about my plans for the future or more accurately what I would like to do. I looked into visiting my step sister Jean Marie and the rest of her family in Italy for Thanksgiving but I was unable to come up with a plan that was both cost effective and time sensitive, these two factors are important and I was unable to come up with a workable plan so I had to forget it. That leaves Christmas and New Year to plan. I have a few options I am looking into. The first is a repeat of last Christmas with a return to Istanbul for Christmas. The second is a trip to Amsterdam for Christmas with the possibility of my Slovak friend Barbora, (she lives in London) meeting me there. The third is a combo trip to London then Amsterdam, this would give me the chance to also visit with Zuzka and Milos (if they are in the UK at that time). The forth option is to stay in Slovakia and spend Christmas and New Years with Joe and Martina in Kremnica. I need to make up my mind in the next week so I can book flights and such if needed.

Some other bits and pieces.
Snoop Dog is getting big and I enjoy having him. (Yes he is a he, my skills as a vet suck. - see my first post about snoop)

I found out I am in fact able to register my car in my name, but I have to go through the process of changing my address, which is not a simple or quick process, then I will get the car in my name.

I am still waiting and waiting and waiting for one judge to put a stamp on the contract for the sale of the cottage I am trying to buy. I really did not expect it to take this long but as long as it is done before early spring I will be fine. I want to get started on the renovations as soon as the weather permits in the Spring.

That's all I can think of.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009