Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Tribute to Slovakia

This is my tribute to my adopted home. Music is by the Slovak band Desmod and the song is "Zober Ma Domov"

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Spring In Bratislava

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It's That Time Of The Year

That's right, it's time for camp! I will be leaving Bratislava on the 28th for the US. I have my friend Alex's wedding to attend, I also have family and friends to visit as i make my way to Old Forge for the summer. I am sad to be leaving Bratislava for 3 months. I enjoy living in the city, the flat is really in a good location. It's not the best neighborhood but the rent is cheap and everything I need is within a short walk or 10 min bus ride. But I will be back sometime in late August or early September, I hope to have all the visas and permits I will need to find a job. I will see what the Universe has in store for me, i will keep you updated as it unfolds.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Day 5 in Amsterdam

I did not get many pictures as it was raining off and on. This was the final few hours before I flew back home.

Special Shout Out to Simon who I meet at Barney's, keep living the dream brother.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Day 4 in Amsterdam

No photos today, sorry. I was cold and raining this morning and early afternoon. I did go out walking after the rain stopped and found a whole new area that I will try and get photos of tomorrow. This hotel really is in a good location for me, I have enjoyed being in a local neighborhood. It is like being in SoHo as opposed to Times Square in New York. I will say the low dollar to euro conversion is making everything very expensive but I am having fun and trying not to bring me down. The upside is there are very few American tourists here, you can tell them by their size. Yes I have become jaded against fat Americans after living in Europe for so long. The food has been very good and I have tried to vary my diet to try some many different types of food. I plan on writing up more when I get home so stay tuned. I will not be able to get tomorrows photos up until sometime Sunday.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day 3 in Amsterdam

I only saw a small area today that was new. I spent most of the day getting to know this area well. I am seeing a very local part of the city. Not your typical touristy things, it has been a great time because of that.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 2 in Amsterdam

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It was a great day today, I got some good shots and had a great lunch.
see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So Where Am I? - Updated

So Jake wins the prize with his guess of Amsterdam.
Way to go Jacobo.
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I Am Off On A 4 Day Adventure

I will post photos of the city I am going to but I want you and try and tell me where I am. The first person (if I have told you you will be disqualified) who comments on the location of the first picture I post will win a prize valued at up to $5.00. I hope to have a photo posted by tonight.

Posted from the Vienna Airport.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Ox Is Slow But The Earth is Patient

Let's read that again, The Ox Is Slow But The Earth is Patient. Now take a minute to think about that, I can wait.

O.K. now that I have you in the right frame of mind, let's wade deeper into the water shall we? I know what you are thinking, "Where is he going with this?". Go back and read the first line again, I'll wait. (It's late here and insomnia sometimes has an upside, it gives you plenty of time to think.) For the last five years I have lived with the "idea" (It's not the right word but it's the best way I can say it.) that the Universe (you can also substitute God if you prefer. It's your choice we all need to come to an understanding of what "this" is all about but I digress.) So where was I, oh yes, the Universe/Deity of you choice, has me where it needs me to be when I need to be there. It has been a great time. I have memories I will remember well, the photos do help as I get older but that's yet another topic. I am getting to do and see things that I really never thought possible. I also understand I am in a very unique situation, as life has dealt me very good cards, so I went all in. I will see if I get the card I need on the "River". It is said, "There is a fine line between Genius and Insanity." but I say "There is a fine line between Legend and Cautionary Tale." but I guess sometimes you walk them at the same time? I just hope when the "River" does come it was the Ace I needed to land on the good side of the line.

Now todays lesson.
The Path of Least Resistance and Why 'Least' Does Not Always Mean Easy.
It has taken these last five and a half years for me to get to this point that I think I understand what "The Path of Least Resistance" (now only referred to as the Path.) means, to me at least. I will explain it with the metaphor of a river since water always finds the Path. Keep in mind I am traveling down this river in a big white water rafting boat that seams to have auto pilot for the Path, most people are lucky if they have water wings or an inner-tube to help them down the river but that is life, Karma is Karma. (if you believe in that sort of thing. Again, I don't want to push you in to anything that might make you question your own beliefs . Because as soon as I do that the next thing you know you will see me on TV asking my flock to send me money so I can buy more satellite time. Yet again, I digress.) Reread the first line again. (what can I say again but it's late and I'm somewhat sleepy but I am having to much fun getting this written.) Ok so now think of yourself on the river of life, let's call it, in whatever flotation device life has thrown you. And when you get in it about waist deep and the current is moving at a nice pace. Sometimes you can float sometimes it's faster for you to walk then to float so you do. I am also just floating along enjoying the view. (clarification: we are not on the same river, they both contain the same elements just some more than others. It's your own version of the Colorado River, if you will.) Now sometimes the river gets very deep with strong undertows that try and pull you under. Sometimes the river is very shallow and you can't float down it but it is just deep enough to make walking a pain in the butt. Other times it is just a few inches deep and walking is easy but what about your flotation device, is it easy to transport? Mine isn't, so I hope for deep waters and the auto pilot helps a lot. What may be easy for me is hard for someone else or vice versa. Sometimes I need to get out so the raft can float while I walk next to it. Sometimes I have to drag it across shallow water which can suck. The whole time you need to try and find the Path to improve your chances of survival. (the river is a dangerous place sometimes, it's a fact, you can google it if don't believe me) As you travel longer down the river you learn to read the river and soon you start to see the Path and it makes life that much easier. Sometimes the river becomes a delta and you find yourself wondering if you are even moving in the right direction. (you may come across a map or even a g.p.s. or even a boat with auto pilot to help you down the river. I may be good for a day or a lifetime, you never really know. The river is also a strange place, google it). So what am I really trying to say here? Simple, resistance is different for everyone. What is simple for some is not so simple for others. The trick is once you find the way to spot the Path, it gives you time to look up from the river and see your life as it passes by.

*For my slower students - I was the Ox you were the Earth

Thanks to Carol for the kick in the pants I needed. (I know this isn't a rant but I think it is what you wanted) And to Jake and Clem my blog junkies. (chase the dragon boys.... I crack myself up sometimes.)