Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Photos from Myjava

My friend Ara took some photos this weekend as I was not in the mood for taking any. (The weather had a big effect on this.)

So here is the link to the photos.

It was a Folklore Dance Festival that was a lot of fun inspite of the rain. The tent I got from Tesco for 8 euros held up well in the heavy rain, as long as I did not touch the sides of the tent I stayed dry. It was also great to meet somemany new great people this weekend. I have to thank my friend Martina for everything and everyone she has introduced me to in Slovakia, without her and Joey in my life I am not sure if I would have stayed here long enough to find out this is where I want to spend my life. Dakujem Mata.

I will be in Kremnica again this weekend and every weekend I can this summer. I will keep everyone updated on the progress of the cottage.

Other things that are going on, I have a visit from my friend Turkish friends, Zeynep in July and Irem in August. I am looking forward to showing them not only Slovakia but Vienna, Budapest and Prague.

I will return to the USA in September with my friends Joey and Martina for a 2 week stay. I plan on taking them to Virgina, Washington DC, Camp, NY City and the Beach House in New Jersey. It should be a great visit.

Ok that is enough for now I have other things to take care of. :)
Later dudes....

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