Thursday, June 25, 2009

HOPA, Name-day and Other Things

HOPA = Horsky park student housing and one of the best places to party in Bratislava.

Name-day = A European tradition, like a birthday for your name.

Other Things = Kremnica

So yesterday, June 24th was my name-day in Slovakia. It is not Sean but John and since Sean is Irish for John it is the same. I spent my evening with a few friends who have just graduated from University (congratulations Vlado, Hopik and Katarina) so it was time to party in HOPA. (Then again it is always time to party in HOPA.) I was there until about 3am and had a great time. I got to meet and speak with a ton of new people. And it is always fun to watch Vlado get drunk and grab girls asses all night.

I know this comes as a big shock to most of you but I will go to Kremnica this weekend. I am not sure if the weather is going to be good but that really doesn't matter in Kremnica, what matters is the people I get to hang out with. I think we will have a full cottage this weekend which I love because I get to make chicken fajitas for people who have not had them yet. For me I have no plans other than just chillin' and sleeping. I have had a cold for about 3 weeks now and would really like it to go away.

That's all I have for you now. Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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