Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Cabin

So here are some photos of the cottage I am looking to buy.
It is about 15.5 ft by 15.5 ft with a basement and I will add a "A" frame roof with a 3 foot knee wall for a second floor sleeping area thus giving me about 500 sq ft of living space, plus another 180 sq ft basement for storage.
This is looking directly East at the cabin

The front door is on the North wall but I might move it.

The back East wall
South side wall
The front terrace

Front Window

Looking West to my neighbors.
The side yard patio
The View

This is taken from the bottom of the property look back up towards the cottage which is hidden behind the trees.

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Unknown said...

well Seanie, it looks fine.. looking forward to see your cabine this weekend (27.6.), while we visit kremnica.. will you be there?