Monday, June 15, 2009

Lessons Learned UPDATED

I had been struggling all day with an issue I just could not figure out. Why the Universe presented me Thursday with what seemed at the time, a view into a dream I have been wanting to turn into reality, only to show me on Saturday (very, very clearly, which is what make it suck so much) that it was in fact taking it away from me. This sucks, plain and simple, the question is why? But it is not for me to question, I must accept that this is all out of my control and the Universe will do what it wants with me, whether I want it to or not. The lesson learned is I only let this bother me for 16 hours (this is a big improvement for me) before understanding that I have no idea what will happen next because of it, but if the past is an indicator, it is going to be worth the cost I payed today.

Live and Learn my friends.

UPDATE: So a few of you have asked me for more infomation about what I am talking about. The simple answer is no, I will not tell you. I sometimes write things here that are for me and me only and I use them as reminders to myself. When I post anything there is so much I don't post because of many different reasons, somethings I have to change because I know who reads this stuff, sometimes I tone things down as not to apear completely crazy, sometimes I am afriad I will shock someone so you get what you get and nothing more. Sorry but my reality, my rules. (some of you have guessed correctly (my mom knew but she is my mom and knows me as well as I know myself) but it is not about the cottage, that will happen.)

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