Friday, February 06, 2009


UPDATE: Ryan Air Still Sucks!!!!
I got a comment today on this post and wanted to repost this so those who might have missed it get a chance to read it. Plus the more people who read it the more people less likely to fly Ryan Air and If I can get just 5 people never to fly them because of this then I will feel like I got pay back. Make sure to read the comments.

I am so fucking pissed off right now I don't even know where to begin other than Ryanair sucks, Ryanair sucks, Ryanair fucking sucks. Let me explain, I had a flight leaving from Shannon this morning at 6:40 to London. I then had a reservation for a 9:40am flight from London to Bratislava. So I get to the airport and they tell me that my flight is delayed and will not leave until 2:00pm. So now I will miss the connection in London. Not only will I miss my flight connection, they have no more flights to Bratislava today. I now have to buy whole new ticket to fly from London to Bratislava for the Monday morning flight that I should be on today. Even if they did have a later flight to Bratislava since I missed the 9:40 flight I would still have to buy a new ticket, even though Rynair is the reason I am late. Since my Monday flight does not get into Bratislava until 9:30am and I have a flight out of Vienna at 10:00am to Istanbul I had to change that flight as well. I now also have to book a hotel room in London for the night since there is no flights that get me from Shannon to Bratislava or Vienna today for less than $800.00. So extra cost for there problem, without the courtesy of a reach around is $60.00 for the change to the Istanbul flight, $140.00 for the new flight to Bratislava on Monday morning, $110.00 for the one night in the hotel. $30.00 for a taxi's to and from the airport. Plus another $50.00 in odd expenses, like food and lots of booze tonight. I think as a way to thank Ryanair for all the fun they have put me through that I eat a full English breakfast tomorrow and right before we get off the plane, induce vomiting and spew chunks all over the plane. Oh yeah I can forget trying to get any kind of refund from Ryanair, since the best I could get back would be some airport fees and taxes that amount to less than $30.oo So much for the money I thought I was saving by not flying a major carrier, because it will now cost me more than if I had just booked it on Aer Lingus from the start. Sometimes it doesn't pay to try and go cheap, I don't now why I don't follow my own advice, You Pay For Quality Once. So a $400.00 Ryanair fuck up, live and learn.


Clement T. said...

Dude... what happened?

24 hours ago it was:
"Good things happen to me because I want good things to happen to me, bad things do not happen to me because I don't want bad things to happen to me."

Now it's a total sh!t storm?? Get a grip... You're in London, go find Dirk Gently or Ford Prefect and have drink.

Jens said...

You are 100% right, Ryanair should burn in hell.

I took a piss next to the toilet on one of their planes, hopefully it costed something to clean it up, or even better, some travellers might dislike Ryanair enough to choose another airline next time.

Anonymous said...

Ryanair operates as a point to point airline, from A to B. They can't guarantee a succesful connection from the destination airport on possible delays or flight cancellations. Booking a connecting flight in advance is not recommended.

If you play by the rules you probably get less trouble.

Unknown said...

Anonymous, while I agree with your statement. I was also not at fault, Ryan Air was at fault. When I paid for my ticket I entered in to a contract with them, That I would pay what they asked and I would show up on time, in return they would provide me a seat on a plane and get me to my destination at the agreed time. They did not hold up there end of the contract. I played by the rules. They did not. Had this been do to my error or a weather related delay I would accept it but the screwed me and others. I am going to repost this on my front page for others to read. I think it is important for both side to be presented.

And also let me just call you a pussy for posting anonymously. How long have you been employed by Ryan Air? If you are going to shill for the airline at least have to courage to post under a false name.

James said...

Moral of the story: Don't piss Jens off ;)

Agree with you fully, RyanAir fucking sucks cock.

There should be a law against their false fucking advertising, 30 euro ticket my ass, at the end of the day was closer to 200 for me to get to my destination, after a fucking 3 day delay, if I just paid 99 with a real airline I'd have been there on time and happy.

Fuck those money grubbing cunts, I hope they all die in flames.

Jens you should have taken a shit on the floor mate ;)

RyanAir, congratulations, you're the first airline to get me to spew bile, and I've traveled on some shockers but you cunts are the fucking worse, FUCKING SUCK MY COCK AHOLES.

Anonymous said...

Luckily, my country's most sucks airline are better than Ryanair.

Before, I think that my country's largest low-cost carrier are the most sucks in the world. After reading your posts and do some research, great to know that my country's most sucks airline are not the world's most sucks.

Anonymous said...

Sean you whiny shit. I havent read the rest of your blog but I'm guessing that because you're playing pseudo lawyer you must be an american.

RyanAir delivers exactly what they specify in their contract. They are a point to point airline. Full stop. Don't like it? don't book.

Yes, ryanair are complete and utter bastards in general, especially when something goes wrong, but the reality is that you brought this upon yourself.

This statement:

"That I would pay what they asked and I would show up on time, in return they would provide me a seat on a plane and get me to my destination at the agreed time. They did not hold up there end of the contract."

is wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong and just is your wishful thinking of what the contract was rather than what it ACTUALLY was.

Unknown said...

Hey Anonymous, then tell me what the contract is if you are so smart.

Tell me what i have wrong, or are you too much of a pussy to explain to me why i am stupid.

Do you work for them?

What is your real name or are you too scared to post comments under your own name because you are a cunt?

Anonymous said...

20th december: hundreds of passengers are left stranded at eindhoven airport today after flights were cancelled due to bad weather.

this isn't something ryan air could be blamed for. but the handling of the passengers is something that ryan needs to answer for. my 10:35am flight to madrid was rebooked to a 5:25pm to alicante, which then was also cancelled, even though some flights made it out of eindhoven.

bad weather cancellations do not oblige ryan air to pay compensation, but they are still legally obliged to provide care, i.e. meals and if necessary accomodation. none of that care is forth coming from ryan air.

for the probably thousands of passengers stranded only a handful of staff are desperately trying to do their best rebooking them well into the night. i am writing this blog at 10:30pm. still, at time the crowd turns into a ryan air mob that needs to be controlled by the few police officers on duty at eindhoven airport.

ryan air is great at padding themselves on the shoulder with every 'on time flight' include fanfare announcement upon touchdown, yet during real crisis management they present themselves understaffed and uncaring towards their passengers.

an airline to be voided.

Fritz Kohle, M.A.
Private: +44 208 144 8381

craig 13 said...

ryan air is crap thomson is the best

craig 13 said...

ryanair is crap thomson is the best