Friday, February 27, 2009

Yadda Yadda Yadda

OK, so yes it has been forever since I have posted anything of value so here is at least something to keep you going. I have to admit that I spend most of my time writing on Facebook now and in doing so have neglected all of you here. For that I am sorry. Also it has been cold and grey here for the last few months. I saw the sun today for the first time in a long time. I have seen the moon only once in the last two months.

So what I have given you here is a list of random fun facts about me that I had posted on Facebook and since most of you are not on my friends list you never got to see these.


1. My birth name is Thomas Christopher and was changed to Sean Francis.

2. When people ask me where I am from, I like to say, "My mom's uterus" because it is both funny and true. But really, Red Bank NJ. home to Jay and Silent Bob.

3. I have a huge family. I have 3 older brothers, 2 younger sisters (same mom, different dad) 2 step brothers and 2 step sisters from my dads second marriage and 2 step sisters from my step dads first marriage. (but did not live with them) We put the "fun" in dysfunctional. ;)

4. I have the imagination of a child, and the whole world amazes me everyday.

5. I love myself. Not in an egotistical way but in a real and honest way. It took me 34 years to do it but once I understood who I was life got 100 times better. Not many people can honestly say that. I feel lucky I figured out who I am when I did.

6. I have lived almost all of my adult life alone. And have no problem being alone for two reason. see #4 and #5. I feel most people who hate to be alone are like that because they don't have #5 like I do, but that's just my opinion.

7. My favorite original quote "There is a fine line between legend and cautionary tale. I just hope I die on the right side of the line." - we will see.

8. I prefer a sativa over coffee for breakfast and an indica over sleeping pills at night.

9. I consider myself an amateur volcanologist. And I have shared my love of volcanos with over 74 different people. 3 of which have followed my lead and also are now amateur volcanologist themselves.

10. I have flown around the world, visited 15 countries. Visited over 35 states. New Zealand is the most beautiful place on earth, so stay away please. ;)

11. is in fact eleven. Life goes to 11, just twist the nob that little extra, trust me it's there it just my not be marked as such.

12. I soloed after 12 hours of flight lessons and wish flying was not so expensive. And prefer flying IFR than VFR, I don't trust my eyes, I trust my instruments. I have also flown a glider and hang glider, both also very cool.

13. I have bungee jumped 5 times, the longest being a jump in New Zealand that was 135m (450 ft) and did not crap my pants once.

14. I have been skydiving 3 times and loved every second of it.

15. I have performed as a "stunt cock" (you don't see my face, just my junk) in over 70 adult movies.

16. I enjoy making people spit water all over there computer screens with things like #15

17. There is only one Queen in my life and she does not live in Buckingham Palace, in fact she lives on the North Side of Richmond.

18. Eighteen is easy, it is the age I seem to be stuck at. Of course this is just the average with the range of 12 to 80. It just seems silly to grow up if you don't have to. Plus most grown ups are miserable, who wants that.

19. I never forget that I won the genetic lottery, that's what affords me #18. I am thankful everyday.

20. There are only 3 people I would change lives with. Bono, pre political days, Johnny Depp, (the dude is just cool) and George Clooney, (because even Sinatra would want to hang with George.)

21. COBS SC-27 - the greatest 83 days of my life. The foundation on which everything today is built. Without it and the friends I made and still have today, I don't think I would have ever gotten this far.

22. I take photos for two reasons, one because I see the world differently then most people and my photos are the only way I can let you into my brain.

23. I am brutally honest and hate when people lie to me. I would rather you pissed on my shoes then lie. Say it, get it over with and let's move on. Life is way to short, or had you not been told? Or did you get a guaranteed expiration date? I didn't.

24. I have found that a simple life with only the basics is the best way for me to live. I can then focus on the people most important to me and not things. It's not what you Have in your life, it's Who you have in your life. People show up at your funeral not your stuff.

25. I plan on staying in Slovakia for the rest of my life. I feel at home here like no other place and I will never be able to explain it. Trust me, when you know, you know.

26. My reality, my rules.

27. The only truth in this world, is what can be proven mathematically, everything else is just opinion and is most likely wrong, including my own. And the only opinions that should ever matter are from the very small group of people you would take a bullet for. They are the only one's who you should be concerned with what they think. But always follow your heart.

28. I think organized religion is for people who lack imagination. God (I use the term Universe instead of God) is not just in a book or building or some guy dressed up funny outfit, but in everything, I mean Everything. I could go on for days about the size of the Universe, but will spare you.

29. Most times the majority is wrong. I am sure there is math to prove me wrong but it feels right. So when more than 70% of the population supports something I get scared and start to go the other direction.

30. I will be Emperor one day and everything will be OK. Trust me.

31. It's not the fall that kills you, it's the sudden stop, so don't worry about the jump, just make sure you know how to land.

32. March 15th 1984 at 9:25 am I fell in love for the first time in my life. She and I are still good friends today.

33. Smoking only kills 33% of smokers, 66% die from something totally non smoking related. I love those odds so much I just had two smokes before writing this.

34. I suffer from Onset Insomnia and have since I was about 10. On average it is 2 hours after I get in bed before I fall asleep, unless I take a natural herbal remedy (I was hooked on sleeping pills for years, thus the herbal supplement) which has cut that time down to 30 minutes or less.

35. My motto is "Good things happen to me because I want good things to happen to me, bad things do not happen to me because I don't want bad things to happen to me." I have lived by this motto for the last 7 years now and it has worked out great for me. Feel free to use it yourself.

36. I will spend the rest of my life trying to make difference in someone's life to repay those who made such a difference in my life. I am sorry it took me so long to learn the lesson's they were trying to teach me.

37. I think to most important thing for me is that I left you with at least one great story you will tell people over and over again.

38. I only want kids if I can stay home and raise them. Mr. Mom is not a movie but a training film for me.

39. I love being a stranger in a strange land.

40. is for "40" - U2 is the greatest band in the history of rock and roll, in my opinion. Boy, October, War, The Unforgettable Fire, The Joshua Tree.... They have done it consistently longer and better than any other band and still do. Case Closed

41. But there is no other concert I would rather be at then Widespread Panic, by a factor of 5. Unless you have been to a show you don't know what I am talking about.

42. Is the answer to life the universe and everything.

43. David Castleman is the reason I love Bob Marley as much as I do. He loaned me his walkman durning my Geometry mid term exam in high school and I listened to "Legend" instead of taking the exam. I was never going to pass it anyway. Geometry is such a waste of time, everything proved true, so why do I have to show you how it's true, it just is, accept it and move on. But Sonja Morrison was the hottest teacher I ever had so that is why I went to class.

44. My most favorite place in the whole world to hang out, without question is Barney's Lounge in Amsterdam. And will be happy to show any of my friends Amsterdam anytime they want to meet me there. I know the city like the back of my hand.

45. I can't see a persons aura but I can feel there color. It makes sense to me and it is why it is so easy for me to read people.

46. You must have been born between 1965 and 1980 to be in Generation X. The only generation that knew it was screwed from the start and thus prepared us for what is to come. Ours will be to one that saves us all.

47. Climate Change is a real and natural cycle, Man Made Climate Change is about money and nothing else. History and science will prove me correct on this later.

48. I supported the Iraq war and feel dumb for doing so. I only hope that something good comes from it. I am not proud of my support but am strong enough to admit I was wrong.

49. I think most people are pussies and live in fear and will never truly live life the way it should be lived. Today is all you get, tomorrow is an illusion.

50. Laughter is more important than sex. Don't believe me? When was the last time you went a month without laughing?

51. I do believe that life is a fairy tale if you know how to look at it. And I am a prince in search of his princess. I am a total romantic and have a greater ability to love than most people think is possible. It is the totally crazy and stupid things love will make you do that makes it so special.

52. I should be making cookies (Chocolate Crinkles) right now but instead I am working on my list. But I am glad you have taken time out of your day to indulge me and reading my ramblings.

53. My mommy says I am special.

54. I would walk around Aupark (my local huge shopping mall in Slovakia) with a Widespread Panic baseball cap that just said PANIC on it. I love the hat but would always get strange looks from people. I did this for 4 months before one of my flatmates noticed what my hat said. Panic is slovak for virgin, that explains the looks.

55. A girl accidentally farting in front of a group of people is one of the funniest things to me. Especially if it is short high pitched squeakier you know she was trying so hard to hold in. It kills me just writing about it.

56. If you watch the first 3 seasons of the BBC show "Coupling" and do not think it is one of the best TV shows you have ever seen please go see a doctor. Season four is a let down due to a loss of a main character and I recommend you skip it. But rent the DVD's and watch them.

57. I am friends with many more woman than man for one simple reason. Woman will introduce you to a friend they think might be a good match for you. Guys never do that stuff. So the more woman I know and who really know me the better my chances of finding the right girl for me. So ladies who's that one girl you know who needs a nice guy? See, right now you are thinking, "Who do I know I could introduce Sean to?" My plan in action.

58. I spent almost as much time in Jason's hot tub drinking and smoking as I did attending class my senior year of high school. It was the greatest time and Jason the the best friend a person could ask for, even if he is Scottish, but if it's not Scottish, it's crap!

59. I do sometimes wonder if this is all just in my head and if it is each of you is enjoying your part in my production. I am just the director I had nothing to do with casting, take that up with your agent.

60. S.A.T. question. Painting Eyebrows on the Mona Lisa is the same as. A: Greedo shooting first. B: Replacing the Guns in E.T. with walkie-talkies C: Making Godfather 3 D: All of the above.

61. My iPod is the first thing I would grab in a fire. Life needs a soundtrack, without music I might as well be dead.

62. I am mad I have yet to walk on the moon, but one day... it's on the list.

63. Karma is Karma

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