Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Hello and welcome to all who replied to my e-mail

Thanks again for taking an interest in my trip.

Also I have updated my signature.

"Life is what happens when you quit your job." Sean Allocca
amendment submitted by Frank Allocca
"And your dad still works!!!"

I have checked this one for spelling and grammtical errors, thanks to those who noticed.

I have also started to formulate an basic trip outline that I will post in the next few days.
It will mainly cover places and things I plan on seeing and the most likely time of year. I will also have the comments stuff sorted out so everyone can comment on the plan and to make other suggestions.

I am also checking into the whole picture phone posting issue, I plan on taking care of this before I start but the magic 8 ball says "ask again later".

I am also setting up a complete website for my photos I take on the road. The blog may move to this new site so check back often.

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