Monday, June 14, 2004

Every great journey begins with a single step...

or in my case with a full tank of gas.

Q: So what am I doing?
A: Spending at least the next year driving all over the US and Canada with the chance of going to New Zealand.

Q: Why am I doing this?
A: The quick answer is why not, but the real reasons are; I have the time, money and desire to do this. Well the money thing will sort it self out. So two out of three are good enough reasons for me.

Q: When do I start?
A: My official launch date is July 1, but it may happen before that.

Q: Where do I plan to go?
A: The first stop is New Haven, VT after that, well, I just don't know. That is to far ahead to plan. I find planning for the future is to hard, I let the past take care of things for me. Most people don't live in the present so I don't think they notice.

Q: What will I be driving?
A: That is a question I am unable to answer, if you are patient we will both find out together.

Q: Who do I plan on seeing?
A: Friends and family who are willing to put up with me and willing to put me up for a day or until they kick me out.

Q: Are there specific places I plan on visiting?
A: Yes and I will get into that later.

Q: Will I let people post comments and questions?
A: Yes, but not at first. I need to get the hang of the whole blog thing first.

more to come,

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