Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Have Insomnia and I Don't Care

I am in such a great mood, I don't care if I don't get to sleep tonight. My muse (Ann Marie Callhoun - from the video below, that violin gets my brain all kinds of worked up to write. I am watching it over and over again) has returned with a vengeance and I feel the need to write something. I have no idea what is about to be written but I am as excited as you are, with the anticipation of such words that they flow like the sap of the maple trees in spring. (verbal bullshit, just for fun :) hey, the spirt moves in all things.)

So why don't I care that I can't sleep? Simple I am way to happy to want to sleep. I had a great day today. I got a lot of things done I have been wanting to do but kept putting off for other more pressing matters. (I know, what pressing matters do I deal with? Well, plenty Mister! at least they are to me) Then to top things off I had two great classes tonight the second being better than the first. I am not sure if it was the caffeine from the Dr. Pepper at 5pm to start the class or what but I "En Fuego" tonight. (At least until right after class, and for some reason I dropped the ball, but rest assured I picked it back up and got my head back in the game soon afterwards and finished the night strong.) I took the easier route this evening after dropping the ball but that is nether here nor there. The night is over and nothing can take away from it now. Plain and simple, super day, I hope for the same tomorrow and everyday forward.

So it is not the verbal Picasso I was attempting to paint but it conveys the feeling I wanted to share and that, for me, is enough. And for you, I leave you with this. If you are the one person who also feels great, I am happy. If not, I still thank you, because enough of you come visit me everyday I feel I do owe you at least something new to read every now and again.

I also wrote something earlier tonight that I had never written and never expressed but had always felt and I think it is important enough to continue writing a bit longer. this: Truth Feeds Love
Think about for a bit. Now try and live it. I could continue writing but I won't because I want you to deal with those three words on your own without my own judgements to cloud yours. I hope they will make a difference for someone.

(Total time to write 37 min or 4 viewings of "Driving Song" from below)

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