Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So Let Me Catch You Up, Sort of.....

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but I have been busy the last few weeks with teaching and spending the last 2 weekends in Kremnica. I have a slideshow done but I am having some upload issues with it that I am working on now. YouTube is being a pain about the music in it (sure it is copy-written music but what about fair use?) so I am trying a few other sites to see which will give me the best quality.

Kremnica - What can I say except I love hanging out in the cottage with everyone. Over the 13 days I have spent 7 in Kremnica just chillin', eating, smoking, chatting, drinking, shooting photos and spending time with some super friends. My friends Martina and Joey's cottage is (my Muse has left me and I am lacking the words to even begin to describe the energy about the place and the people I get to spend time with. I am about to try an old trick to see if I can summon her back. Until then I got the video to upload so enjoy.)


becki said...

so, i see why you love it there...apart from the architecture, the landscape views could be of vermont or parts of western virginia...beautiful!!!

Don said...

Very cool! Life is definitely treating you well.

Take care,