Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back To Kremnica :)

I will be going back to Kremnica this weekend. I can't wait, even with a weather forecast calling for cooler temperatures and rain all weekend, I don't care. This means most likely I will not take many photos this weekend but you never know, it is still early and the forecast can and does change. A positive outlook is always better than a negative one. (That's Today's Lesson - so learn it, live it, love it.)

Currently watching this as I am writing. (She is my Muse today)
Hit the HQ button then Full Screen for the full effect.
I think my Friends Jacob and Char where at this show but I am not positive. (Jake - Comment Please)

So back to writing. My plan is to speak with a few locals my friend Joey knows in Kremnica about finding a cottage for me to buy in the area. I figured out the feeling of the place and I now know why I love the area so much. It has the same positive energy I feel when I am at camp and a few other select places around the globe. It is a quick two and a half hour drive, 15 minutes less if you time it right to avoid the "Rush Hour" (/sarcasm) of Bratislava, Nitra and other bottle necks on the road. The terrain and climate is very similar to Vermont or New Hampshire which I think it appeals to me so much. The town itself is very pretty, especially at night, at least for me. There is a ski mountain less than 15 minutes away for winter fun, the large natural mineral springs feed pools around the area open up to beat the heat in the summer. A few in the area are thermal spa's so year around relaxing in the pools if you want.

According to Martina the cottage is a mess because everything had to be moved in order for Joey to lay the tile floor last weekend. So first order of business will be cleaning but after that it's time to relax. I will keep you updated, well as updated as is normal for me. There is order in chaos.

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Unknown said...

We were there and the crowd went crazy when she started playing. I turned to some stranger next to me and yelled "She's awesome" and he yelled back "Yea, she HOT too!" Great show and classic video of Widespread.