Monday, August 11, 2008

I Have Made My Plans

I spent a good portion of yesterday booking flights, hotels, cars and everything else I need to plan for for the next part of the adventure. So what are my plans, you ask? I fly back to Vienna on the 21st of August, arriving on the 22nd. I will then spend the next 3 days in Bratislava just hanging out and seeing some friends. I fly out on the 25th for 3 days in Amsterdam to explore more of the city. I plan on posting my photos as I did before, when I get the chance. I then return to Bratislava for 5 days, but I may visit Prague that weekend instead and come home late Sunday. I will then fly out on the 3rd of September for London for a visit with friends in Bexhill By Sea (and no I didn't leave out the "The" in Bexhill by Sea, that's it's real name.) for two days. I then fly out Friday night for Ireland for an 8 day trip. I will also be posting photos as I go along. I then fly back to Bratislava for the night on the 14th of September and fly out the next day for Istanbul for a 3 night stay. This will get me back to Bratislava by the 18th of September. I have an plan in the works to drive to Vienna, then Salzburg then into Germany to go see "The Eagles Nest" (google it) in Berchtesgaden. Then to Stuttgart to try and see the Porsche factory, on to Prague then back to Bratislava. I have a return ticket for November 1st and since the Giants play the Cowboys that Sunday, I will be back in the country at least for the weekend. After that who knows, if I can find a job in Bratislava I would stay again for the winter but right now it is not my main focus so I will see what the universe has in store for me.

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