Monday, October 23, 2006

Last Night in Camp

So it is really time for me to leave camp. I truly hate to leave this place, those of you who have been to camp will understand. So as I sit here writing this I look forward to returning this winter to spend some time cross country skiing with the Leaches. I am so glad I got to see the small amount of snow before I left, it gives you a whole new perspective on camp, with the leaves off the trees the views have completely changed. I will miss the cabin and the peace and quite of the area most. It is really amazing to me that one could get used to such a small space. I hope to be able to tell you story's of a new bathroom next summer.

So what now, Vermont is the next stop on the world tour for the winter or as long as I can take the cold. I do hope to stay until May when I can return to camp, yes it's all about camp. I am not sure what to expect as I have not seen the place I plan on moving into. I am not sure about a part time job so I can ski days or do I hammer out the movie. I plan on having the complete first draft done by December 1st. I would like to get together with a few friends for a writing weekend to go over the first draft and figure out where the holes are and fill them with comedy. I broke through my writers block the other day but started second guessing the idea so I stopped. I think part of the issue has been the amount of traveling I did over the last month. I do think I have the makings of a good if not great film it is just a question of getting the pieces to fall into place and yes they will fall into place, they always do.

As for the pictures, it has been nice to capture some things here I might not normally gotten the chance too. The universe has me right where I need to be and that is nice to know. I felt lucky to get the sunset in VA, it was very brief, under 5 minutes before that shot was gone, I was just taken by all the different cloud patterns and the "Jesus Rays" look killer. Most times you get them coming on a downward angle, it was cool to get the upward. I don't remember a sunset like that ever in that area and I have driven it hundreds of times. The Colors of Fall picture was taken early in October and I was blessed with a cool crisp day for photos. I took a chance and drove about 45 minutes north and hoped for good pictures but the weather was not with me up there so I was bummed to only get shots from and around camp. The Moon over the mountains was another great day. I took a bunch of shots on the digital but I now wish I had a roll or two of real film for some comparisons. I will say I take more pictures these days but still get bummed every time I put my 17-35mm lens on the digital. For those who don't know because the size of the image chip is smaller than 35-mm film your focal length of your lens changes. So my wide 17-mm now becomes a not so wide 26-mm. I can compare to loss as going from a wide screen movie to a fit your TV movie, you loss a bunch on the sides. I put the lens on the film camera and weep at what I am missing. So that will be the next purchase, a wider lens for the digital. I also need to buy a new TV and would like to get a new Apple, so I guess I should get a job in Vermont. All things in time I guess.

I also wanted to pass on a recommendation for a movie I have seen, "Thank You for Smoking" I really enjoyed it. If you enjoy some thinking mixed in with your comedy this movie is for you. I am sorry to say this is the only good movie I have seen in the last few months. I did see the departed and to be honest thought it was to long and was not Marty's best work.

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