Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fall is Upon Us

So it's been awhile since I have written anything. Yes that includes the movie. The last month has been an whirlwind to say the least. I will fill you in on what I have been up too. I saw 6 Widespread Panic shows in 9 nights in 4 states. (*note to "LOST" fans, there is no significance to the numbers 6 9 4 in this post, or is there?) I also had the privilege of taking six friends to their first show and all of them had a great time. My favorite show has to be the Saturday night show at Radio City. Not only did they open with Space Wrangler but Jake and I had second row tickets. The crazy thing about the seats was I was sitting one row ahead of the guy I sat next too at the second Fox show back in April in Atlanta. The show in Vermont was amazing, simply because it was such a small venue. There could not have been more than 700 people total. The show was in what can best be described as the basketball court from the movie "Hoosiers" with a large stage at the end. I had a great time in Conn. with Jodi and Mary Francis who both got to experience what it means to have the universe catch up with me, they could tell you, I can't since I can't do hand gestures in my post and with out hand gestures it's hard to explain. OK, I could explain it but it would take forever and I am just lazy. I have one more show I am going to in Charleston on Friday the 13th.

Camp has been beautiful this fall, the colors have come and gone, in a few days the skeletons of winter begin to appear. I have not gotten many shots this fall due to the amount of rain we have had over the last few weeks. One of the highlights of the Widespread Shows was taking the back-roads from show to show. I did as much as I could to stay of the main highways and I recommend you do the same. My trips may have taken me longer to get there but I would rather enjoy the view. The road I was on when I had to give the guy CPR was one that paralleled the highway, so you never know what happens on the back-roads unless your on them.

So where am I going to spend the winter. I have found a place in Bristol VT, just a few minutes away from Middlebury. It has been years since I have spent a really cold winter. I now have no excuse for not learning how to snowboard so I can finally cross it off my list. I will be around 19 to 45 minutes from three great mountains. My plan is to try and get a job in town at night so I can board in the day. When I say job I talking part time at the local pizza place working in the kitchen slinging pie. It is my true calling if I have to work, pizza is in my blood or at least the sauce runs through me.

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