Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Where Am I Going?

Leg 1 - Nov 8th leave Newark 8 am arrive London 8 pm
I will meet up with Jason (arrived earlier) for the night at or near the airport

Leg 2 - Nov 9th leave London 10 am arrive Edinburgh 11 am

Jason will be driving us around Scotland has he meets with golf club tour reps, i.e. St. Andrews and other famous courses. We will end up in Glasgow for the return to London. I hope to get some great shots while there. I am going to experiment with some black and white film for the first time in a long time . If it is a wet and grey as I think it should be, black and white should work well.

Leg 3 - Nov 12th leave Glasgow 7 am arrive London 9 am
Jason then departs for home. I then begin a short 10 day walkabout. I will see London, I will see Holland, I will see France, I will see your underpants. Well 3 out of 4 isn't bad. I will see a friend from camp while I am in Holland. I am also looking into meeting up with another camp friend in Paris. I hope to at least get to Normandy if I can't get to Paris. I feel I can't be that close to it and not see it. As for London I will wing it, I want to know if London is what New York wishes it could be?

Leg 4 - Nov 22nd Leave London 8 am arrive Newark 11 am
Unless I get married to a wonderful country girl from some small town in Europe or other highly unlikely, highly elaborate bit of imagination.

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