Monday, October 24, 2005

Distance Traveling

Distance Traveling now Available

Have you ever wanted to travel for long periods of time but could never get away? Have you dreamed of taking all the pictures you could want and bring back cheap T-shirts and great stories to share with your friends? Well now you don't have to worry anymore. I am available for "Distance Traveling". What is distance traveling you ask? Well to put it simply, I do all the work while you enjoy my daily web updates of your trip. You tell me where you want to go, what you want to see and what you would like to experience and I will handle the rest.

Let me give you an example of a sample 7 day trip in Europe:

Day 1 - Arrive London (am) spend day seeing the sights you have asked to see. I will post photos and a journal that evening including photos of the double decker bus sight seeing trip you asked me to do.

Day 2 - London, spend day going around to as much of London as I can, finishing with an evening at the theater taking in a show for you. Updated web page that evening

Day 3 - Chunnel to Paris, France with stop over in Normandy for the late morning till late afternoon. Continue to Paris then spend the evening photographing the city at night. Web update that evening.

Day 4 - Paris, spend day as you wish. Web update that evening.

Day 5 - Paris to Holland, spend the day in Paris until I board a train for the night to Amsterdam. No update due train rides and internet access don't mix all that well.

Day 6 - Arrive Amsterdam (am), spend day seeing sights such as Anne Franks house, the canals, the cafes. Spend night photographing the city at night including the red light district (all the sin one could photograph without the guilt or confessional visits). No update due to lateness involved in trying to get authentic feel of a city like Amsterdam for you. It's nights like this that produce the better stories.

Day 7 Awake (pm) still in Amsterdam. I hope. The final day and final update from the road.

So now the trip is over, what's left to be done? I then spend a few days just getting all forms of media used on the trip in order. I will put it all together how ever you would like. Just want Hi-Res digital photos sent to you on DVD? No problem, that's the least expensive way to go. Or you could custom design your media experience a la carte. DVD slide show with music? No problem. DVD video along with the slide show? You know it, no problem.

The big savings is passed onto you. Because I am just one person who can travel both light and cheaply and I pass that savings on to you. Think about it, I can stay in a motel for $70 outside a city where you and your companion would rather say in the city at $170 - $200 a night. Big savings there. What about meals? I can eat on the cheap, how about you and you friend. My dinner bill comes to $15 -$20 when yours comes to $150 -$200. More savings I pass on to you. So what can someone expect pay for a trip like this if you do it instead of you and your husband or wife.

Flight to London from New York in coach.

You: $900.00 or more depending on your current location or unless you normally fly business or first the savings are tremendous.

Meals for 7 day.

Me: $250 -$300
You: $700 - $1000


Me: around $70 per day may vary from city to city.
You: From $150 - $300 per night

As you can see by these few examples just how much you could save by sending me instead. I will be offering a wide range of services including the Xtreme Trip (I will do all the scary things you don't want too. Bungy, skydiving, etc) Digital and 35mm film photography, digital video, an audio diary of the trip as I experence it. I will be happy to discuss any special requests or if you want a photographer to shadow you on your actual trip as a private trip photographer.

If you have any questions or would like to setup a trip let me know email distancetraveling at yahoo dot com (trying to avoid spam)

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