Tuesday, August 04, 2009

So I Am Still Waiting....

I hoped that my visas and other documents would be finished by now. I misjudged the pace of government work in Slovakia but really I knew I was kidding myself to think it would be done by the end of July. So now I am hoping for the 15th of August. That is a more realistic date. Of course I could be wrong. These last few months have been stressful for me (remember - my level of high stress may be very different from yours, it's about perspective.) because I have many plans that are on hold until I get the temporary residency papers and working papers. The first thing I will do is buy a car, a VW Golf TDi. I am spending to much time in Kremnica not to get one and the TDi gets great milage. The other thing is the cabin, I want to start the reconstruction as quickly as I can. Even though I will not get electricity until December I want everything ready to go by then. I plan on selling my Honda when I return in September, there is no reason for me to keep it as I will be here for the next two years at least.

So what else? I am sitting out on the balcony smoking and writing as the rain gently falls on this cool gray day. I have not decided exactly where I will land on September 1st when I have to move out of my flat in Petrzelka. Part of me is thinking of making the move to Kremnica then and finding a small flat to rent for 6 moths to a year while I take care of the cabin renovations. But this will only happen if I get my papers by the 15th. I want to be positive I can stay before I make that move. If I still have not heard by the 15th I will concentrate on finding a temporary place to live for 1 month and still keep Kremnica on the back burner in case the paperwork does come through. But again I am hopeful that everything will all fall into place exactly when and where it needs to. We will see.

OK time for me to get some lunch, I will see if I am up for writing more later.

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