Saturday, March 21, 2009

What to Write?

Again I am at a place where I feel as if I have something to say but am not sure exactly what. So I will just start to write and see what falls out.

I really don't know where I should begin, so many different things floating in my soup (read brain) right now that there is no cohesion yet to the flotsam and jetsam because they run the gambit from the world economy to my needing a new flatmate, with lots of fun stuff in between. So I am hoping that by stirring the soup I can get some cohesion and ladle out some wisdom. (The missing cohesion ingredient may be some nicotine, I will see what happens, back in 5 min with the results.)Yup, as always, that did the trick, but it took two to do it.

So topics to be covered will include the following:
Why I live in Slovakia and plan to stay here.
My thoughts on current events in The United States.
My plans for my new blogging style, to give you more updates.
and other random crap that will come out, like turn ashes into ice cream.

A Stranger in a Strange Land.
I love this feeling. I will do my best to explain why. If you have the U2 album October listen to the song. But really it is about the fact that I am doing things and interacting with people in a language and culture that are not my own. The challenges I face everyday from the simple things like what bus to I need to take to, is the cashier going to ask me something in Slovak I will not understand? I enjoy meeting people and even if they don't understand English well we both still try and communicate. I am a true believer in you never know what lessons you may learn from the random people that drift into and out of one's life. I do still get asked questions by people at the bus stops in Slovak, which means I don't look like a complete foreigner but I still feel like I stick out but most of that is in my head. I love that I don't have a car here. Sure there are a few weekends it would be nice to get out of the city for the weekend but a rental car does the trick when needed. I have a bus pass now and can get just about anywhere I need in the city in less than 35-40 minutes. Some mornings I get on my bus for work and I can get a seat no problem, other days the same bus I am like a sardine two stops after mine for the next 10 minutes. I like to people watch and a bus is a great place to do it. And because of bus only lanes the buses are faster than driving a car during rush hour. The other advantage of not having a car is I walk so much more now and feel I am in the best shape of my life now. Even with the smoking. I also think that is one reason people here are skinny and in such good shape, everyone walks a lot. Which brings me to another reason I love it here. The women are amazing, plain and simple. For me they are the best looking women I have ever seen, and I have traveled the world looking. But if I had to narrow it down to one major reason it would be this, I am doing something that so many people wish they could but either don't have the opportunity or they are to scared to take the chance and live their life. All I can say is, if it is the first reason I understand but the second reason is weak, fear should never stop you from living the life you want. The other reasons will be covered in the next topic.

It is Easier to Watch a Train Wreck from a Distance.
And in this case it is doing so in slow motion, thus making it harder to watch. To say that only "W" started us down the wrong path is incorrect, to say he sped things up maybe more accurate. We have been on the wrong track for years and I will explain why. The United States Congress, that's why. And they are the reason the country is in the shape it is in. Until we throw them out on the street things will only get worse. Trust me, they know that the party is over and Rome is burning but they want to keep pretending like not only can they keep the party going they can make it better for everyone. I could explain this in much greater detail but I won't. Those of you who know what the words "bicameral legislature" already know what I am talking about and those who don't know what it means would most likely be confused no matter what I write. (if you know the meaning then you most likely stay more current with what happens in D.C, then what is on E.T. and Hollywood insider.) I am sorry but I don't see how to solve our national debt and credit issues by going deeper into debt and making credit easy to get again. To me it is the same as saying, take more heroin to get over your addiction to heroin. That kind of logic works in the addicts brain but not in the brains of rational people. And since I love the idea of The United States of America but hate what 545 individuals in D.C. are doing to it so I left and don't plan on returning. Remember how a bunch of celebrities where going to leave the country if "W" got re-elected, well they where all pussies. I did something about it. Not because the "O" got elected but because the stupidity that is so ingrained into the average american I just could not take it anymore. The stereotype of fat, lazy and stupid is only a stereotype because it is true. They know more about Brangelina than they do about there own country and that makes me sad. As for the fat part, it is simple stop putting so much food into your pie hole and you will lose weight. I lost 90 pounds that way so do tell me it's genetics because that is bullshit for all but about 3% of the fat people population. The rest just eat too much food and are too lazy to do anything about it. Enough of this rant, moving on.

New Blogging Style
The main reason that I have been so lame about posting things here is because of Facebook. I started to use it about 6 months ago and really enjoyed the ease in which I could write something quick or upload a photo or two and share it with friends. But facebook has made some design changes that have made me decide that I need to go back to my roots and the people who have been faithful readers. So I will try and make the blog a little like facebook was for me. I will post status messages like I would on FB and anything else I would share on FB I will just share here. The other reason for this change is simple. I think I am somewhat of a narcissist to begin with and with FB one projects that out to all there friends, so my friends are forced to see what I am doing. If I do it on the blog then they have to come here to read about me because they want to not because I want them to.

As for ashes to ice cream, that I will save for another post as I am tired and don't feel much like writing anymore.

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