Sunday, February 03, 2008

My Superbowl Post

So at least we won the coin toss.

I am able to watch the game, it is on two cable channels here. The feed is from the NFL Network, it is what is called a wild feed, which means when you see a commercial i just get a wide angle view of the field from high up in the seats. You can hear the commentators talk with each other because they are in a commercial break. I will see the best commercials on YouTube tomorrow.

I plan on update this as the game goes alone.

Right now under 8 min to go in the first and the Giants are driving inside the Red Zone!!!

Update: Giants Kick Field Goal
3 points is better than no points. I will enjoy having the lead for as long as it lasts.

Update: End of the 1st Qtr.
The Patriots are on the one and I would be shocked if they didn't score. So the lead didn't last.

Update: Patriots Score. :-(
Score 7-3

Update: Great Catch Ammani - 14 min left 2nd Qtr.
Giants are back in the Red Zone

Update: Interception - That sucks!

Update: Big Blue D Holds the Pats to 3 and out. And a good punt return. I still have hope, not much but sometimes a little hope is all you need.

Update: So they hold us to 3 and out. But good Punt

Update: Giants Defense Sack's Brady in back to back plays. The Defense will keep us in this game!

Update: Halftime and it's still Patriots 7 - Giants 3. The defense is keeping us in this game. Keep it up Big Blue D

Update: 11:00 left in the 3rd Defense holds the Patriots. My Mantra is "The Defense Will Keep Us In This Game."

Update: Pats call a challenge on 12 men on the field. If so then first down Pats, which would be bad.

Update: Pats get the call first and ten Pats. Go defense!

Update: Big Blue Big D holds the Pats on 4th down. Giants take over on the 30.

Update: Why can't the Offense get it together, at least the punt pinned them on the 10. Step it up Defense. less than 4 min left in the 3rd.

Update: End of the 3rd Qtr. and it's still 7-3. The Defense is stepping it up and keeping hope alive.

Update: GIANTS SCORRRRRRRRREEE 7 to 10 Giants!! Lets go Big Blue!!!

Update: 9:20 to go in the 4th and the Defense forced a punt. Let's go Offense and put some more points on the board.

Update: 5 min left and the Pats are driving, I am scared. Very scared.

Update: 3:12 to go and the Pats are 1st and goal on the 7. I think this game is over.

Update: It's looks like it's over. Pats take the lead 14-10 with 2:45 left in the game. I just don't see it happening for the Giants. The Defense played great today but it looks like they couldn't hold them one last time.

Update: Holy %$#@ We may just win this thing!!! Giants lead by 3 with 35 seconds left.

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