Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Language Lessons Have Started

Today I received my two CD's I ordered from Eurotalk. I worked with the first one for about 1.5 hours today. I like the way it teaches you with games and other fun ways to make it interesting. I highly recommend checking out the web site if you need to learn a language. It seems like it is geared towards the business traveler but right now I am just learning the basics. I will let you know in a few days how it is working out.

I enjoy going out by myself just so I am forced to try out my basic skills (i.e. hello, thank you etc) I have gone to the supermarket and and an electronics store. I have been studying my map of Bratislava and I can get around fairly well, even if I can't pronounce the names of the streets. Most of the younger people and the taxi drivers here do speak some English which had made it easier on me. I hope to have the vocabulary of a 4 y.o. by the end of November, but that my be asking to much. What I really need is English subtitles for the TV. That would make easier to learn but they don't have them, so I am stuck watching American shows dubbed in Slovak. The one show I can watch is "Slovak Superstar" (The Slovak version of American Idol) not that I want to but everyone else in the flat loves it. For me it is just funny to listen to them try and sing in English.

The weather has been nice but cloudy so I have not taken any photos lately. Daytime temps are in the high 60's with it getting into the mid 40's at night. We are planning on returning to Hybe next weekend and I would like to go driving and get some more pictures of the "High Tatras".

That's all for now.


Desmond Morphy said...

Yo Sean. I hope all is going well in Slovakia (If that is where you currently are). I just got the DVD from camp in the mail. You did an awesome job. The music was matched up nicely with the pictures.

-Chris from AWC

Clement T. said...

That 4 y.o. vocabulary will go well with your 4 y.o. mentality... (There were a few other 4 y.o. comments I could have made... Trying to keep it G-rated).

Anonymous said...

Okay?, I guess it's really you. Just less hair than I remember. I haven't read everything as I just found out about this site. That must have been an oversight on my part.
What happened to Vermont and being a Master Carpenter? Oh yeah, Kate!!! Nice choice!!!
I noticed at the beginning, i.e. the bottom, the word nunchuck. Is that anything like a trebuchet used to hurl dead horses into the opponents castle, only it's used to chuck old dead nuns out the window? God's going to get me for that one.(A dear cousin who died last year was a Mother Superior.)
Your one and only loving and slightly departed
"Uncle" Hugh

Anonymous said...

Good luck knowing as much as a 4 year old in a YEAR... I've studied spanish and traveled extensively, with the recent 9 months in Isla Mujeres being the most spanish I've ever spoken... and I STILL can't chat with my friend's 4 year old.

A couple words of advice: learn and practice specific phrases that you will use often. Best verbs to focus on: I want, I need, I like... add a few good nouns to each of these and start there... GOOD LUCK!!!

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