Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Followsean Fans - Join The Rebel Alliance

I do track (no cookies) who and when people check the blog and I have noticed that most of my visitors view this page with Internet Explorer and that saddens me. First I would love to see more PC users become Mac users but if you can't make the Switch, you should at least look at using a different browser. I tell all PC users to run Firefox, It is an open source (read free and built by geeks not the evil empire) browser that works very well and is much less prone to attack than IE. If you scroll down and on the right in the recommended software, you can hit the Firefox button to download the latest version. It is easy to use and can import your settings from IE. Download it and give it an honest try, look into the tabbed browsing, a very nice feature. If nothing else make sure you have the latest anti virus software update loaded. If you have no anti virus software loaded there is a good chance your PC is compromised and being used by hackers to send spam or other bad things, get an anti virus software package.

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