Tuesday, August 22, 2006

OK - So Where Have I Been?

I was going to the beach right after camp but due to the stupidity of others kept me from going. So I have decided to stay at camp and hang here for awhile. I am currently working on a project to scan and archive about 2000 old B/W photos and some 3000 Color Slides. This should keep me busy for some time. The great advantages for me are the free rent and food plus I am getting tons done on the movie. Yes for those of you who don't know I am writing the great summer camp movie. I have about 75 index cards with ideas already done. I believe I have enough to start outlining, which I started late last night. I will put all the ideas together and see just how much I have. I plan on having enough stuff for a 2 hour movie but would cut it down to 90 minutes. I have been choosing different songs I would like to use in the movie, most of them are classic 80's tunes, a good soundtrack can make or break a movie. I will keep you updated as I get the time.

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